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Special Order Veteran Can Sold by the Four Pack

Special Order Veteran Can Sold by the Four Pack

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Veterans Name

Please email if you would like to order, due to the time required to get them done it's better this way so you will get a time frame when they will be done.

Due to request of family members for cans, we will do special runs of cans with your selected veteran on them. Six four Packs per case. We will only do this on production runs. If you know you would like more than a case, please email us. There may be up to a month or more in delays due to supply issues.

We are 2-4 weeks until delivery right now. 

Special Order Sweet Veterans Can, Limited stock they take extra time due to pulling the labels off the roll and cans have to be hand labeled.

Sold by the four pack.

Six Four Packs per Case. (24 cans)

Please contact us if you would like your submission on the special-order list

Thank you to all of the families that have submitted their loved ones for our Labels.

Save the Last Sip

it's a simple way to keep them in our hearts and minds.

-one four pack contains 44oz of mix (4 cans with 11oz of carbonated mix in each can)

due to the amount of labor Special order cans are not included in discount codes.

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