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About Us

Wisconsin's Drink LLC

Wisconsin’s Drink was inspired by our state's great love of supper clubs. Our Ambition to create the finest drinks started with our passion for Friday night fish fries and an old fashioned. We tapped into our Supper Club heritage blending real ingredients to make exceptional mixes.  Lisa’s parents owned a supper club for 10 years in Curtiss, WI, so she grew up in that atmosphere. Her father had an old fashioned mix he always used. We had family over for dinner and we decided to make an old fashioned the way we would’ve when we had our supper club. After using the mix for our drinks, I decided that I wanted to make a better old fashioned mix that would be carbonated and made right here in Wisconsin. Forced into early retirement from a skiing accident in 2015, I was eager to start making this idea become a reality.  In March 2021, we began experimenting and Wisconsin’s Drink was born. Our recipe came to us quite easily. We received our canning license in April 2021. In May 2021, we rented a commercial kitchen in Wausau, WI and started creating our Old Fashioned in a Can Sweet flavor. Once we had some finished product, we started to reach out to area businesses. In June of 2021 we received our first order from Nueske’s School House Market. We also attended markets at McDevco, where we rented our kitchen space. Near the end of June, we met Anthony Renken, Owner of Northwood’s Maple Farm. We began to collaborate & decide to partner up to make our second flavor of Old Fashioned in a Can; Northwoods Maple flavor. Which we introduced in August 2021. With the product expansion, we had to relocate our business to Northwood’s Maple Farm’s commercial kitchen in Merrill, WI on September 1, 2021. In April 2022, Old Fashioned in a Can was picked up by General Beverage Co. This led us to make a location move to Curtiss, WI which is where Lisa’s parents super club was located and it’s also her hometown. Her Grandparents had owned a bar in Curtiss just half a block south of our new location & that is also where Lisa’s father was born. It’s an amazing feeling being back where it somewhat all started.  Our Old Fashioned in a Can mix is made with the same passion as your drink in a supper club. We hope you can taste that passion in every sip, so we can continue to bring you OFC for years to come. 


Words from Scott

I was asked, how in the heck did you make it. I responded with; guess I just don’t quit.

I know the damage has probably cut my time here shorter, no big deal just deal with what you were given and drive on. Don’t complain, life isn’t easy. Make the best of what you have and be grateful for what you may achieve in it. Live life the way you want to be remembered; your accomplishments are earned not given. Remember those who are no longer, they made what we have and gave you the opportunity to learn and earn more in your life. Hard work pays off. You may find dark spots in everyone or everything, if you look just for those imperfections, you will find them. Look at the whole problem, imperfections appear because if you are looking for that one thing you will find it in everything and you may overlook the truth. 

I bet I was quite a snooker before my accident, I have no memory of school, wives or even my children. Heck I’m guessing I haven’t changed much because I’m told I really didn’t like anyone. I found out I have grandchildren; I was amazed to find that out. Guess I’m old. I didn’t even know who my father was, I am grateful. He spent some of his last days with me. I accept I will never truly remember who he was, I accept that as fate. It took me awhile after the accident to realize I wasn’t dead and in hell. About two to three years. But you just have to shake it off and pick up your chin and walk it off. I started this new adventure with my wife because I was bored. Boredom makes you do strange things. I could have just spent the rest of my days watching TV but, you have to do something.

You just need to drive on, take the good with the bad, sucks but life isn’t easy.

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