Wisconsin's Drink

Pack up! We are deploying to Your Camper, boat, family gathering.  Just bring a can, not a bar to have an Old Fashioned.

Wisconsin's Drink LLC's Old Fashioned in a can is made with ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters, just like at the supper clubs. Lightly Carbonated so all you need is to pour it in a glass and add your favorite alcohol. It's great alone as an NA. Make one, or a few per can, depending on taste. Made in Wisconsin, "Home of the true Old Fashioned"


February's Tastings

Come to our Tastings at Festival Foods, get a four pack of any Old Fasioned in a can for $9.99. Come down and say hello to the crew.


Lieutenant Commander

James W. King Jr.

WWII, Korea and Vietnam

U.S. Navy