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Wisconsin's Drink LLC

4 pack of Sweet Old Fashioned in a Can non-alcoholic

4 pack of Sweet Old Fashioned in a Can non-alcoholic

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Sweet Old Fashioned in a can, every can of Sweet Old Fashioned Perfect Ready-to-Drink old fashioned for any occasion. Enjoy it as a Mocktail or mix it with your favorite alcohol for a consistently perfect drink.

At Wisconsin’s Drink LLC we bring the true great taste of a Wisconsin Old Fashioned to you every time. We make it easy and delicious, use it as a tasty Mocktail or a Cocktail Mix, it’s all up to you, as a mix you may add as much or as little as you like, set it to your taste with your favorite spirit. We are a small business in central Wisconsin bring a quality old fashioned home to everyone.

  • Veteran Owned
  • Make Cocktails and Mocktails with Ease
  • Us as a Mix and have a perfect Old Fashioned in 26 seconds.
  • Versatile - enjoy as a mocktail or a cocktail base.
  • Packaged in a four-packs.
  • Each can feature a tribute to a passed veteran.
  • A great Non-Alcoholic Drink
  • 4 cans = Total 44oz of mix
  • Lightly Carbonated 
  • Made with real Angostura aromatic bitters.
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