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"SAVE the LAST SIP" it's a simple way to keep them in our hearts and minds

Submitting a Veteran for Sweet Old Fashioned Cans

When submitting a photo please include name, general information about them like, branch of service, Location of service, dates of service we could try to put unit on the can if there is room. Open to all veterans who have left us in peace or conflict. Their file will be put in list and run-in order of submission.  They will remain in the que until a request for removal from the list is submitted by you. When they are removed, they will cease to be included in new label runs.  A release form will be e-mailed to you, you will get a copy of the label emailed and you may order a four pack of your veteran. 

please submit approximately how many four pack might be ordered by your family/friends so we may get extra labels of them. Labels will not be printed until the next batch; this may take a little to a long bit and is solely due on demand and stock level of our distributors.